Smart Home Automation and Controls

Smart home automated technology is one of the most innovative, efficient, and down right cool products a homeowner could ask for. Chamberlain Electric keeps a close eye on cutting edge innovations, so that we can bring them directly to your doorstep.

Wouldn’t you love to control almost every aspect of your home with the press of a button? We had a feeling you would. Currently, the average homeowner uses more electronic devices than ever before, which adds to the complication of controlling all these devices simultaneously. That’s where Chamberlain Electric and smart home automation come into play.

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Smart Home Automation allows you to remotely control:

  • Thermostats
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Lighting
  • & Many More…..
  • Appliances
  • Security Cameras

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Smart home automation is a system that can monitor and/or control a variety of aspects in your home. It starts with a controller, (also known as a hub) which is the base for your smart home system. Our expert technicians will install your hub, sensors, and consolidate your devices to be controlled with the greatest of ease.

After installation, you’ll have the ability to manage all devices from a phone or tablet. Also, you have the option to have your devices run autonomously, based on a schedule that you preset.

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