Smart Security, Cameras, and Doorbells

Since the dawn of time, one of the most important duties as a homeowner is to protect and secure your property. Throughout time mankind has searched for the best method of security, but that search ends here. Smart security, cameras, and doorbells are the future and present of home security innovation.

Chamberlain Electric reigns supreme as it pertains to security system installations in the Triangle area. Our highly trained team members are experts in the field of home security. We will inspect your home and property, then decide upon the perfect security setup that fits your family’s needs.

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A smart home security system consists of a band of devices that work in tandem to secure your home and property. The following are some of the devices that make up our smart security systems:

  • Smart Cameras: Smart security cameras monitor the interior or exterior of your home. They are connected to the internet so that you can see live feed, and receive real time alerts, regardless of your location.
  • Smart Doorbells: Smart doorbells are connected to the internet and activate once a visitor rings your doorbell, or when the sensor detects any motion. The built-in camera streams a live look at your visitors.
  • Wireless Motion Detectors: Wireless motion detectors use infrared sensors to monitor a specific area and pick up sudden movements that are seen as suspicious.
  • Wireless Window Sensors: Wireless window sensors use magnets to alert homeowners of any window in their home opening without their consent.
  • Glass Break Detectors: Glass Break sensors use audio recognition in case an intruder decides to break your window rather than open it.

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The best part of smart home security is the capability to monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Your family’s safety is of the utmost importance, and Chamberlain Electric will do everything we can to assist you. We come highly recommended, and we guarantee our team will exceed your expectations. Give us a call!